Thursday, October 18, 2012

You can pull it off...

We spend countless hours watching all the beautiful ladies (shape, age and size) come to our booth and light up when they see their reflection with a plume adorning their heads. For some, it is second nature to embrace the highlighted accessory and take on the spirit of a Hollywood starlight wooing the cameras and crowds. While for others, it takes a little more gumption to keep it on longer than the moment they see it in the mirror. Often times we see a glint of excitement before the fascinator is quickly removed concluding with the statement, "I can't pull it off."
What is it that persuades ladies away from a touch of flair as small as a feather or as bold as a hat? Perhaps it is a result of a casual society that prefers yoga pants to herringbone and flip flops to slingback pumps. A society that needs a reason to "dress up" other than everyday attire. What does she really mean when she says, "pull it off"? Did Joan of Arc pull off her sword and shield; Dorothy her ruby red slippers, and Amelia Earhart her aviator cap?
Perhaps we take a moment to forget about social expectations and suppositions and and wear what moves and empowers us. Does it make you feel pretty? Aside from the looks you get (which are either envious or interested), do you like the way it looks? Because ladies, if you do, you've pulled it off.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

French Mararoons!

Creatives must use every channel available to them to create. My most recent channel came in the form of baking French Macaroons. Learning to make these little suckers is just like attempting a new art medium. The challenges, failures and sense of accomplishment are the same. And just like in art, once the technique is mastered creativity can abound. So here are my first attempts, still learning but already feeling very creative. And in this case I can eat my spoiled canvases!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Frenchmen Street Market

Our newest selling location is the Frenchmen Street Market, on it's first weekend! If all goes well this will be a weekly market and we hope to be here! 7pm to midnight! Come support local art!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A few of our recent flock

These new additions will be added to the flock at Our boutique Milk Studio! Come see them for yourself. Stay Pretty!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bachannal Sunday

One of the best spots in the city. Bacchanal on a Sunday, being serenaded by traditional jazz with a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice watching the sun come down. Surely becoming a favorite spot of mine.

Wedding shoes

Found these amazing stocking for my wedding day. They were a lovely addition to my shooting star Mary Janes.

T.N Thompson Pin Ups

Recently discovered in a restaurant bathroom ( don't ask)  plastered wall to wall with pin-ups, T.N Thompson's sketch pin up girls are down right adorable.