Monday, November 14, 2011

Check Out Vintage Home Grown!


If you have visited our store in New Olreans, you might have see the most beautiful wood necklaces. We wanted to spotlight Vintage Homegrown for their wonderful designs in wood and repurposed materials. Be sure to visit their Etsy shop to see what they have been working on lately. Also, if you are in the Los Angeles area, keep an eye out for their vending events.

Here is a little bit about them in their own words:

"Vintage Homegrown is a design studio that loves to combine all of our ideas, aspirations, passions, and travels. We love to travel as much as we love to create, and while we travel, we collect inspiration... and tree bark! We are constantly inspired from the jobs we hold in the realm of design and decided to finally venture out for ourselves! From there it grew into collecting pieces of trees that we would bring into our home and they would turn into sculptures on our walls. Tree Bark was only the beginning of Vintage Homegrown. We hope you enjoy our work, and stay with us to watch us grow! "