Monday, February 3, 2014

Change your life

Met a man in the market today, the brave kind who shop for a gift for their wives ( we love a man who gives feathers). His kindness and humility radiated off of him and he was happy to admit he needed a ladies opinion before choosing the right piece for his wife. We talked feathers and together we found the right piece. As I packaged the piece I asked him about his visit. 

He was in town for the Rock and Roll marathon, he had run the race. He was  a middle aged man of average height and weight but without the obvious look of an athlete. He told me about how hard the race was, how long he had trained and how it was his first marathon. His wife had planned to run but she had gotten sick and couldn't make it. He came to New Orleans to run a marathon, and he had come alone. These obstacles were enough to hold anyone back, but he said he had to run this race. With the ease of speaking to an old friend, He told me that he had reached a weight of 300 pounds and needed to drastically change his life. He began working at running shoe store and started on the path that brought him to New Orleans to run his first marathon. I could clearly see how his kind of dedication and comittment changed his body. Without an ounce of braggard in him he shared how he had completely changed the course of his life by his own willpower. Needless to say I was inspired and reminded of the power of the human spirit. So I felt I should share his story.
Keep running the race.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get Ready Austin, we are coming for you!!!

 Hey Austin! We are coming for you!

We will be attending this years Pecan Street Festival, our first time ever selling in Austin. We are so excited to bring our handmade wares to a city that we love. Austin is a place close to our hearts, with such a solid support systems for all things handmade and DIY. We can't wait to share our work with you! If you have never seen us before in New Orleans or at other festivals across the country than we must get acquainted. We make feathered and leather goods focusing mainly on headwear. Here is a peek at some of our work. We are a sister team based out of New Orleans by way of Los Angeles. Abigail honed her art experience at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and created Bedford Falls Headwear in 2009. In 2010, Abigail and her sister Glori, the co-conspirator, moved our business to the feather loving and festive town of New Orleans. We fit right in among the revelers and artist of this great city. From New Orleans we make a habit of taking off and visiting other cities sharing our art. We are happy to check Austin off our list this September!

Here is a link to our website:

For more information about the Pecan Street Festival visit...

If you are not in Austin, you can find us in New Orleans, updating our location on a daily basis from our facebook page at

We will also be taking our show to Shreveport for this years Red River Revel, a show we love.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Own Your "Pretty"

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
 For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
 For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
 For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
 For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone...."
~Sam Levenson

Our slogan here at Bedford Falls Headwear (as many of you already know from our buttons to our business cards) is "Stay Pretty". We chose this simple saying for many reasons. Of course, the more obvious reason is because we make and sell decorative accessories to, essentially, lead the wearer to feel "pretty" (because you all already are).  However, beyond the feather and frill, we also encourage ladies to "Stay Pretty" in self-awareness and confidence. 

We believe that staying pretty is a battle against a social perception that leads women to ridicule themselves due to physical imperfections. Well, gird up your loins ladies and grab your armor because we are fighting beside you! 

While we know that physical beauty has a place, we also know that true beauty and femininity consists of character traits; traits that not only encompass sensitivity and gentleness but also strength and compassion. Patience and kindness, self control and tolerance. Leadership and influence. These are all our beauties.

If you look at the cover of any fashion or figure magazine, you may not see yourself, however, let us assure you; WE DON'T SEE OURSELVES EITHER, but that is not our measure of beauty. YOU ARE PRETTY, AND WE SEE IT! 

Our fascinators are just a small way to bring out the "pretty" that you already have brought to the table. So when we say "Stay Pretty", what we are really saying is; all that you already have to offer is pretty, believe in it and don't ever loose it! Find and know your "pretty", own your "pretty" and be your "pretty" for the rest of your life....and let us top it all off with a feather ;)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gatsby Style!

From the upcoming Baz Lurhmanns, The Great Gatsby
From the 1974 version starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow
Fashion Board inspired by The Great Gatsby

A wardrobe que for the fellas.
Yes Please!
We couldn't be more excited about the upcoming release of Baz Lurhmanns remake of the classic 1925 F.Scott Fitzgerald book, The Great Gatsby!!!

We have been watching the news about this film since we first heard about it's conception, now set for a release date of May 10th, 2013. As fans of Fitzgerald's Jazz era writings and Baz Lurhmanns hyper-color, music-video-meets-the-movies cinematic style we can't wait to see what he does with this arsenal of material. We have also loved the Robert Redford (sigh) and Mia Farrow version of the film as it was our personal first look at the film version of Jay Gatsby, the larger than life central figure of the film. This book has been made into film at least 6 times. Nonetheless, the opportunity to refresh this favorite could not be better timed.

What thrills us most is the artistic and cultural effect that we HOPE and PRAY will spread like wildfire when modern audiences gets a full throttle acid trip version of the fashions of this time. The fashion of the 1920s Jazz Age is our absolute main inspiration for many of our works and we think everyone can use a dose of Gatsby style added to their wardrobe.

What we love most is the elegance, revelry, class and care that woman and men took to dress themselves back then. Now-a-days that kind of consideration towards what-to-wear is reserved for the bravest of the brave. In our day to day people watching, we see our culture slumping into a sweat pants and t-shirt society. We feel this film will be a BOOST of inspiration and confidence in taking that extra step to adorn oneself with a wardrobe that reflects the respect and self esteem we have for ourselves. Here at Bedford Falls in response to the film we can't help tailoring our works towards the decadent and care-free headwear of that age. Perhaps in their own creative overflow spawned from watching the film and in order to facilitate this new cultural interest, we hope the fashion industry will be filling the racks with beaded and flowing silk and satin drop waisted treasures and we will be there to snatch them up!!!

 Come May, we hope we will be seeing much more of All That Jazz!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

You can pull it off...

We spend countless hours watching all the beautiful ladies (shape, age and size) come to our booth and light up when they see their reflection with a plume adorning their heads. For some, it is second nature to embrace the highlighted accessory and take on the spirit of a Hollywood starlight wooing the cameras and crowds. While for others, it takes a little more gumption to keep it on longer than the moment they see it in the mirror. Often times we see a glint of excitement before the fascinator is quickly removed concluding with the statement, "I can't pull it off."
What is it that persuades ladies away from a touch of flair as small as a feather or as bold as a hat? Perhaps it is a result of a casual society that prefers yoga pants to herringbone and flip flops to slingback pumps. A society that needs a reason to "dress up" other than everyday attire. What does she really mean when she says, "pull it off"? Did Joan of Arc pull off her sword and shield; Dorothy her ruby red slippers, and Amelia Earhart her aviator cap?
Perhaps we take a moment to forget about social expectations and suppositions and and wear what moves and empowers us. Does it make you feel pretty? Aside from the looks you get (which are either envious or interested), do you like the way it looks? Because ladies, if you do, you've pulled it off.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

French Mararoons!

Creatives must use every channel available to them to create. My most recent channel came in the form of baking French Macaroons. Learning to make these little suckers is just like attempting a new art medium. The challenges, failures and sense of accomplishment are the same. And just like in art, once the technique is mastered creativity can abound. So here are my first attempts, still learning but already feeling very creative. And in this case I can eat my spoiled canvases!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Frenchmen Street Market

Our newest selling location is the Frenchmen Street Market, on it's first weekend! If all goes well this will be a weekly market and we hope to be here! 7pm to midnight! Come support local art!