Monday, February 3, 2014

Change your life

Met a man in the market today, the brave kind who shop for a gift for their wives ( we love a man who gives feathers). His kindness and humility radiated off of him and he was happy to admit he needed a ladies opinion before choosing the right piece for his wife. We talked feathers and together we found the right piece. As I packaged the piece I asked him about his visit. 

He was in town for the Rock and Roll marathon, he had run the race. He was  a middle aged man of average height and weight but without the obvious look of an athlete. He told me about how hard the race was, how long he had trained and how it was his first marathon. His wife had planned to run but she had gotten sick and couldn't make it. He came to New Orleans to run a marathon, and he had come alone. These obstacles were enough to hold anyone back, but he said he had to run this race. With the ease of speaking to an old friend, He told me that he had reached a weight of 300 pounds and needed to drastically change his life. He began working at running shoe store and started on the path that brought him to New Orleans to run his first marathon. I could clearly see how his kind of dedication and comittment changed his body. Without an ounce of braggard in him he shared how he had completely changed the course of his life by his own willpower. Needless to say I was inspired and reminded of the power of the human spirit. So I felt I should share his story.
Keep running the race.